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Smart Hydrogel(TM), is a novel,
proprietary synthetic material comprised of two FDA-approved polymers,
poly(acrylic acid) and Pluronic, each with a long history of
medical use. The polymers, which produce a water soluble
system, are bonded together. When warmed to body temperature, the
system produces a gel state.

Smart Hydrogel has a number of properties that together define its
uniqueness. Most notably, at low concentration of polymer, the
material undergoes a transition from a free-flowing liquid to
a solid gel as the temperature is raised from room to body
temperature. The reverse transition enables application of
drug in liquid form. When the gel reaches the desired body surface, it
solidifies, causing drug to be maintained in situ for hours.

The benefit of this feature is greater bioavailability of hydrophobic
or difficult to solubilize drugs using transmucosal delivery,
preferable to subcutaneous injection among the patient population.
Transmucosal modes addressed by the Company include esophageal,
nasal, vaginal and ophthalmic.

The Company has conducted a limited number of preclinical studies for
transmucosal drug delivery using Smart Hydrogel in three animal models:
rodents, rabbits and sheep. Nine drugs have been formulated with the
material and tested in vivo. Pilot testing in humans has been performed
under an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The second major technology for drug delivery is Gel pHORCE(TM) for oral
administration. Orally delivered drugs represent half of the total market
and are the preferred method of delivery. The Company believes that the
Gel pHORCE technology can provide controlled drug delivery to the gastrointestinal
tract for local treatment or systemic absorption.

The Gel pHORCE system can be engineered for a specific kinetic profile.
The system allows for the initiation of drug release at a desired pH and
release rates that are independent of drug properties