Galilaeus Oy

P.O. Box 113
FI-20781 Kaarina

Phone: +358-2-274 1450
Fax: +358-2-273 1460
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Galilaeus Oy is a process development and contract manufacturing company specialising in fermentation of small molecule pharmaceuticals.

Our process development know-how has resulted in several highly efficient manufacturing processes, which have been out-licensed to API manufacturers. We provide process development also on a fee-for service basis.

In Contract manufacturing we offer fermentation, semi-synthtesis and biotransformation services to pharma and biotech companies. Our GMP facility is equipped with fermentors and down stream equipment to supply APIs from pre-clinical to clinical phase II studies. Cytotoxics and highly potent substance manufacturing is also available.

The core comptetence of Galilaeus is genetic engineering of microbial secondary metabolism. This technology is seamlessly is integrated with traditional strain improvement techniques resulting in superior microbial strain in terms of titre, stability and product profile.

Process development, Contract manufacturing, Strain improvement, biosynthesis, biotransformation, natural compounds