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Cryogenic plastic labels for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers. Temperature range from -196°C to +120°C. Labels could be printed in laser and thermal-transfer printers and inscribed by permanent markers. The cryo labels are water-proof and can withstand direct contact with liquid nitrogen, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, harsh treatments, robust ultra-freezing environments and autoclaving without detaching, cracking or fading. We carry in stock large selection of different sizes and colors of cryogenic labels designed for specific and general lab applications. We provide xylene resistant labels for microscope slides – the labels and printout can withstand xylene, acetone, alcohol and other solvants and chemicals. Customized cryo labels of any size, shape and color could be made according to your specifications. Complete labelling solutions are available including label printing kits, printers, scanners, software, labels, ribbons and accessories. We provide printing services including serial numbering, bar-coding and printing of any graphic information.
We also provide top quality cryogenic markers: ultrafine micro-tip and dual (fine and extra-fine tip) point permanent markers, alcohol-resistant permanent markers.