Fyodor Biotechnologies Ltd

26 Ogui Road, Third Floor
Enugu, Enugu State

Phone: 042-303345


Fyodor Biotechnologies Ltd is engaged in applied research, development and manufacture of biomedical products in Nigeria, and focused on addressing diseases most prevalent in Africa. Our business is to make essential diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals that are critical to the healthcare needs of our people and to make these products readily available so that more of people can afford the medications they need.

We believe that biotechnology can make important contributions in the areas of healthcare, food security and environmental sustainability on the continent. Therefore, we bring this new knowledge to address old problems through the direct application of relevant biotechnologies in select critical disease areas through leading-edge application and science-based innovation.

As a local company founded by seasoned African professionals, Fyodor is building high-end local capacity considered an important socioeconomic investment that is essential for improving availability and access to healthcare products in a sustainable manner. Fyodor seeks to maintain success as a biotechnology adapter and extender, an enhancer of new competencies, and through these efforts, drive high technology development and growth in Africa. Gladly, we are backed by our first-hand understanding of the local disease challenges and the socio-cultural issues surrounding biotechnology.