Flownamics Analytical Instruments, Inc.

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Madison, 53718
United States of America, Wisconsin
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Flownamics manufactures instrumentation used in the biotechnology industry. Our products assist researchers in developing methods for optimizing their fermentation /bioreactor process. Our products are used in lab, pilot plant and process settings. Most of our customers are in the pharmaceutical, agriculture and dairy industries.

Flownamics manufacture sampling probes (FISP) for fermentation vessels/bioreactors and on-line sampling system (FAISS). Our FISP sampling probes are sterile in-situ and allow for the withdrawal of a cell-free sample. This eliminates the need to re-circulate sample back to the vessel with the possibility of contamination. We have a wide range of models that fit from small bench top to large production size vessels. Our NEW Sampling System (FAISS™) allows you to interface any analyzer or collector to 8 fermentation vessels or bioreactors. FAISS™ can control analyzers or other equipment through RS-232, TCP/IP or analog signal. FAISS™ can control feed to the vessel, allowing you to maintain a constant level of nutrient in your culture.