Fermentas International Inc.

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Burlington, ON L7N 3N4

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Fermentas is a leader in the field of restriction enzyme research and molecular biology products. Our scientists discovered over 30% of all known restriction enzymes. The exertise which we developed over 30 years, is the basis of our diverse product line which now includes restriction enzymes, FastDigest™ restriction enzymes, DNA/RNA modifying enzymes, PCR-related products, ladders/markers for DNA, RNA and protein analysis, various molecular biology kits, nucleotides and reagents.

Many new applications in genomics, proteomics and post-genomics require enzymes and reagents of superior quality. Our extensive experience in molecular biology enables us to supply the high quality products you need, for even the most demanding applications, and to provide you with excellent technical support.

The Fermentas PureExtreme™ products are produced under the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management systems which, together with our extensive quality control tests, enable us to guarantee the industry’s highest quality and performance for our entire product line. Our commitment to our customers is to supply superior products backed by the best possible support and service.

Fermentas offers service to prepare plasmid DNA, suitable for applications including standard DNA manipulations, transfections in vitro and in vivo, and in gene therapy/vaccination preclinical trials. The plasmid DNA is available in three grades: research, transfection and pharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical grade plasmid DNA from Fermentas is essentially free of contaminants and endotoxins compared to DNA supplied by other vendors.

Fermentas products are distributed to 71 country worldwide.