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Fermenta Biotech Ltd

Company Profile

Established in 1987, Fermenta Bitotech Ltd is a pioneering chemical biotech company involved in the manufacture of various high value API’s, Intermediates and Enzyme catalysts. FBL has evolved from an enzyme company to a fully integrated chemical biotech company, focussed on healthcare and “Green Technologies”. FBL’s products in the pharmaceutical catagory includes Vitamin D3( Cholecalciferol B.P/USP), Phenyramidol hydrochloride, Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride, Isoxsuprine lactate(vetenary) and products in the enzyme category include, Penicillin G amidase, R-Oxynitrilase,Novel Amidases and polymer supports for enzyme immobilization. FBL’s API’s products are manufactured in GMP facility which ensures consistent quality and performance.

• Vitamin D3( Cholecalciferol B.P/USP)
• Immobilized Pencilin G Amidase
• R-Oxynitrilase
• DILBEADS – Macroporous polymer beads

Product finder index:

• Contract research
• API contract manufacturing
• Other ( Biotechnology, Biocatalysis, Chiral intermediates)

DIL complex, Ghodbunder Road,
Thane west
Ph: +91-22-67980888
Fax: +91-22-67980999
Email: rajasekar@fermentabiotech.com
URL: www.fermentabiotech.com