Euroclone SpA

Via Figino 20/22
Pero (Milan) – 20016 – Italy

Phone: +39-02-38195566
Fax: +39-02-38195590


EuroClone SpA is an italian company distributing products in Western and Eastern Europe.
Euroclone’s International Marketing operations are located in Switzerland while the European Distribution Center and warehouse are based in Italy.

EuroClone manufactures and distributes on the European market products for Cytogenetics (kits, reagents and devices
for chromosome analysis), Cell Biology (liquid media, powder media and sera), Immunology (ELISA Kits,antibodies, recombinant proteins) and others.


* Cell Biology
Liquid and Powder Media
Human and Animal Sera
Liquid and Powder Salt Solutions
Ancillary products
Medium for Precursor Neuronal Cells

* Cytogenetics
Kit and Media for Pre- and Post-natal Cytogenetic diagnosis
Kit for synchronization of bone-marrow and lymphocyte cells
Equipment to optimize the quality of chromosome spreading in a controlled environment

* Immunology
Human, Murine and Rat Recombinant Cytokines & Growth Factors
Human, Murine and Rat Cytokine ELISA Kits
Human, Murine and Rat Cytokine Eli-spot

* Molecular Biology
DNA and RNA Extraction Kits
Fluorescent DNA Detection Kits
Kit for the suppression of PCR ® Carry-over
Reagent-Set for single point Mutation Detection
DNAse & RNAse free Powder and Liquid Reagents