EUGENEX Biotechnologies GmbH

Konstanzerstr. 19
Taegerwilen, 8274

Phone: ++41 (0)71 666 43 61
Fax: ++49 (0)7533 97624


Eugenex Biotechnologies – set new standards in protein expression

from Gene to Product – from Protein to Gene
Eugenex‘ proprietary cell lines that grow and produce in serum- and protein-free media lead your idea to success.

 generation of production cell lines
 adaptation of cell lines to serum- and protein-free medium
 production of proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
 process development for USP&DSP&Analytic
 consulting and accompaniment
 express service for research
 complete high level expression systems (vectors, cell lines, chemical defined media)
 cell lines for high throughput screening (HTS)
 cell based assays
 proprietary system for drug target screening (GeneStripperTM)
 customized service in the field of molecular and cellular biology
 procaryotic gene expression (Progenex)
 contract manufacturing up to 150 L scale
 development of biogenerics

Eugenex’ experience, the industrial background of our staff, process design with respect to regulatory concerns as well as the cultivation of the cell lines in a strictly chemically defined medium facilitate later FDA/EMEA registration of your product.