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Epigenomics is a molecular diagnostics company with a focus on the development of novel products for cancer. Using DNA methylation biomarkers, Epigenomics’ tests can potentially diagnose cancer at an early stage and help guide physicians to select an appropriate therapy.By detecting and interpreting DNA methylation patterns, the “on” and “off” signs for genes, Epigenomics can create a digitized readout for each cell. The comparison of a patient’s cells against healthy and sick reference samples enables an exact diagnosis of disease at a very early stage and provides physicians with essential information to help guide the appropriate therapy. The combination of diagnosis and therapy, based on this information and robust proprietary technology, enables optimal medical treatment for the patient. Epigenomics is supported by a network of renowned academic researchers and clinicians, with expertise in the fields of cancer and DNA methylation.
As a first strategic partner Abbott Molecular licensed the worldwide non-exclusive rights to Epigenomics´proprietary Septin 9 biomarker for colorectal cancer screening. Epigenomics also works with Qiagen (pre-analytics) and Affymetrix (diagnostic platform) as strategic partners for development our tissue-based prostate cancer application. The company has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany and a wholly owned subsidiary in Seattle,USA. For more information,please visit Epigenomics´website at www.epigenomics.com.

There are five equally important levels of information in a cell: genes, RNA, proteins, metabolism, and methylation. Methylation is a modification of one of DNA’s four bases, namely cytosine, which normally occurs either with or without a methyl group attached. If a methyl group is attached to cytosine in the promotor region of a gene, the gene can in most cases not be activated by any transcription factors, thus not producing a protein. As each cell in the body contains the whole set of genes but uses only a subset according to its function, a wide range of genes need to be silenced by methylation. The methylation pattern is heritable through cell divisions and cannot only be correlated to different tissue types, but also to specific disease.

The Technology:
Epigenomics’ technologies used in its product development consists of genome-wide DNA Methylation discovery, , Bisulfite Sequencing, proprietary DNA methylation discovery, bisulfite sequencing, proprietary DNA methylation arrays, and sensitive methylation detection. These make the detection of DNA-methylation signals feasible and cost effective.

Key products under development:
– Colorectal Cancer Screening Test
– Prostate Cancer Screening Test
– Lung Cancer Screening Test
– Colorectal Cancer Surveillance Test
– Prostate Cancer Molecular Classification Test

In each area, we are looking at partnering the product development with diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies.

Epigenomics AG was found and is being led by a dynamic, integrated management with each individual offering unique skills that combine many disciplines to form a unified team. Disciplines include molecular biology, chemistry, life sciences, information technology, process automation and integration, business development and finance. They are combined in an enthusiastic, visionary and highly motivated team.
Executive Board:
•Geert Walther Nygaard, CEO
•Christian Piepenbrock, COO; Head of SBU Diagnostics;
•Oliver Schacht, Ph.D., CFO, CEO Epigenomics, Inc.;
•Kurt Berlin, Ph.D., CSO; co-founder

Supervisory Board:
•Prof Dr. Dr. Rolf Krebs, (Chairman), ex-Boehringer Ingelheim
•Prof Dr. Dr. Uwe Bicker
•Prof Dr. Guenther Reither
•Dr. Ann Clare Kessler
•Günther Frankenne
•Heino von Prondzynski

Number of Employees: 115