Enzymax LLC

870 Corporate Dr., Suite 201
Lexington, KY 40503
United States of America, Kentucky

Phone: 859-219-8482
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Enzymax LLC provides high quality specialty proteins, antibodies, non-radioactive protein kinase assay kits, PCR reagents, and screening kits for E.coli, yeast (yeast two hybrid screen), and mammalian cell to researchers worldwide. We offer the best price for high quality DNA purification kits. Besides the products, Enzymax also provides the most competitive price on custom protein purification service using our advanced protein purification technology. Other custom services include gene cloning, polyclonal antibody production, and large scale endotoxin-free DNA purification for ” transfection grade” in mammalian cells or “ready-to-inject” in transgenic application We will provide proteins and custom services at special contract rates for pharmaceutical, genomics, and biotecnology companies. All work will be performed in a confidential, timely, low cost, and collaborative manner. For more details please visit our web site at www.enzymax.net.