Dyomics GmbH

Otto-Schott-Str. 15
Jena, 07745

Phone: +49-3641-646864
Fax: +49-3641-646868


Dyomics GmbH (http://www.dyomics.com) is a young company located in Jena, one of Germanys biotech-clusters, with its business focus on development, modification (customizing according to specific needs), and production of innovative fluorescent labels for bioanalytical applications. Dyomics, founded in 2000, finds itself on the cutting edge in their industry, due to their success in developing bright fluorescent labels with absorption maxima in the range between 500 and 800 nm. These labels, called DY™-dyes, have been used in various applications with exceptional success.

These applications include, for example, cDNA labeling and detection on microarrays, receptor-ligand studies, FRET-assays, DNA sequencing and FisH microscopy. Working with the DY-dyes, in comparison to the widely used Cy™Dyes, results in comparable or even brighter signals and improved photo- and storage stability.

Aside from conventional dyes, Dyomics developed the MegaStokes™-Dye series for multicolour applications using only one monochromatic excitation source.

Dyomics currently offers the DY-labels as NHS-esters and maleimides, and in summer 2002, Dyomics introduced convenient labeling kits in conjunction with emp-biotech, Berlin (http://www.empbiotech.com). Fluorescently labeled antibodies for secondary detection are available since 2004.