DLS Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 228
Trumbull, 06611
United States of America, Connecticut

Phone: 203-459-8277


DLS Solutions, Inc. develops custom software and solutions for small and large companies specializing in analytical, biotechnology, and biomedical instrumentation. DLS accelerates analysis, design, implementation, deployment and documentation to provide total solutions for our clients. We can scale our involvement to meet the customer’s needs – from simply contributing development resources on an in-house project to managing and performing the entire software development process. Through commitment to the success of our clients, we have built long-term partnerships, expanding the capability and productivity of our customers’ Research & Development.

DLS has a range of resources, from full time employees to part-time contractors to satisfy both large and small jobs. We have carefully selected each member of our team over many years of working in the instrumentation industry to build a reliable and responsible senior group of skilled developers.

DLS develops software applications and solutions for our clients, specializing in the Analytical and Life Sciences Instrumentation industries. We also have done work for a variety of manufacturing and scientific computing needs. DLS Solutions’ team includes three founding partners that collectively bring over 50 years of software development experience in these fields, covering a wide range of instrumentation and techniques. Our team currently has extensive experience in several application areas:

UV/Vis, NIR, Fluorescence, IR, and FTIR Spectroscopy
Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence plate readers
Gas and liquid chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
ICP and AA spectroscopy
Thermal Analysis
Chemometrics and systems analysis
CCD imaging and machine vision
2D, 3D and animation graphics

In addition, DLS has over 30 years of demonstrated success in software project management. We have personal experiences in all phases of the business: Research & Development, applications, engineering, marketing and sales. The team we have assembled has a balanced set of talents: embedded systems, device drivers, instrument control, application specific user interface design, graphics specialization and database design.