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DASGIP develops, produces and distributes instruments for parallel and fully controlled cultivation of microbial and higher cells. DASGIP is active in both Europe and North America.

Main products are the multiple, Parallel Bioreactor Systems for microbial fermentation and cell culture. All systems are modular designed and can be adapted to specific needs such as high cell density fermentation, stem cell cultivation or biofuel development. Various monitoring and control modules allow e.g. monitoring of pH, PO2 (PH4PO4) and/or Redox potential (PH4PO4RD4/PH4RD4), mass flow controlled gassing of up to four gasses to one (MX4/1) or four (MX4/4) vessels, feed of up to four (MP4) or eight (MP8) substrates, temperature and agitation control (TC4SC4) and online off-gas analysis (GA4).

Up to 16 vessels with working volumes from 35 mL up to 50 L and more can be operated in parallel with the DASGIP Bioreactor Systems. Using the DASGIP BioLector, scientists can screen up to 48 or even 96 wells in disposable microtiter plates of working volumes from 100 – 1000µL: under controlled conditions and without aeration issues.