Daga Enterprises

E-157 Food Agro Park , Boranada

Phone: 2912435939
Stock symbol: RAJGUM


Dear Sir, M/s Daga Enterprises was founded Mr. Chandra Prakash Daga & Mr. Amit Daga at Jodhpur the heartland of Guar Production. Jodhpur is situated in the north-western State of Rajasthan in India. We are in this business from Last 20 Years.Daga Enterprises is engaged in the manufacture and exports of Guar Gum and various other agricultural ingredients for the food, feed, pharmaceuticals, textiles, mining, explosive, paper, and a score of other industries. Delighting customers with high quality and consistent supplies has been a tradition and a way of life at Daga Enterprises. The Daga Enterprises management believes that only by producing good quality products and by providing excellent services that surpass customer expectations can a company build its reputation over a period of time. The Daga Enterprises management is thus committed to taking every care of the needs of its customers, suppliers, service providers, and its loyal workforce. Note : Guar gum Powder prices are different of all Different Grades. The price I have Given is Raw Material Price. Finished Goods price is different. Specification Sheet RAJGUM Specification Sheet PRODUCT Guar Gum Powder40/60 Mesh Guar Gum Powder 100 Mesh Guar Gum Powder 200 Mesh Guar Gum Powder 300 Mesh BRAND & GRADE NAME RAJGUM -046 RAJGUM-101 RAJGUM-201 RAJGUM-301 CAS NO. 9000-30-0 9000-30-0 9000-30-0 9000-30-0 E. NUMBER E-412 E-412 E-412 E-412 APPEARANCE off-white Powder off-white Powder off-white Powder off-white Powder MOISTURE 12% Max. 12% Max. 12% Max. 12% Max. PROTEIN (N X 6.25) 5% Max. 5% Max. 5% Max. 5% Max. ASH 1.5% Max. 1.5% Max. 1.5% Max. 1.5% Max. ACID INSOLUBLE RESIDUE (A.I.R.) 4% Max. 4% Max. 4% Max. 4% Max. GUM CONTENT (by difference) 80% Min. 80% Min. 80% Min. 80% Min. pH (1% Solution) 5.5 – 6.5 5.5 – 6.5 5.5 – 6.5 5.5 – 6.5 VISCOSITY 24 Hours (1% Sol. Brookfield RVT Viscometer 25°C, Spindle No. 4, 20 rpm) 2500 CPS Minimum 3000 CPS Minimum 4000 CPS / 5000 CPS / 6000 CPS Minimum 3500 CPS / 4500 Cps Minimum MESH SIZE: Through On 100 Mesh 20% Max. 40 Mesh 5% Max. 100 Mesh 95% Min. 200 Mesh 95% Min. 300 Mesh 99% Min. Package: Usually in 25 Kg. Net 4 Ply Paper bags with PE Liner inside. Other Packages as per buyer’s needs can be arranged Storage Conditions: Should be stored in cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Minimum standards for good quality guar gum Dall & Splits have been defined in the United States FCC and by European Union Specifications, E-412 as under :- Moisture: 14% max.Ash (total): 1.5% max. Acid Insoluble Residue: 4% max. Galactomannan: 75% min. Protein: 7% max. Arsenic: 3 ppm max. Lead: 10 ppm max. Zinc: 25 ppm max. Copper & Zinc: 50 ppm max. Looking forward for the early and favorble response. Thanks & B’rgds. Amit Daga Daga Enterprises E-157, Agro Food Park, Boranada Jodhpur Tel :- 0291 5112139 Cell :- 098290 25939 Email : cpdaga@dataone.in