Communicaid Inc.

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Biomedical and Pharmaceutical document translation specialists

Communicaid is the SiliconValley’s leading provider of certified translation services for the international Biomedical and Pharmaceutical community. Communicaid in-house scientific experience encompasses the fields of bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, protein chemistry and cell biology. When a project calls for other areas of expertise our large network of free-lance linguists cover all other areas of science from Analytical Chemistry to Zoology.

For more than a decade, Communicaid’s scientific linguists have been Silicon Valley’s premier translators of Standard Operating Procedures, data sheets, protocols, scientific papers, manuals and reports for the international Biomedical and Pharmaceutical community.

Communicaid linguists are qualified biomedical industry professionals

Communicaid understands and delivers the critical and essential accuracy demanded by the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical community. We only use accomplished scientists with relevant industry experience to meticulously translate, edit and proofread our translations for content accuracy. Communicaid in-country linguist teams hold advanced degrees (M.D. , PhD etc.) in life sciences thus allowing us to deliver the accuracy, style and flow necessary for a publication quality translation

Communicaid quality control is second to none

Rigorous quality control at Communicaid mandates that translating, editing and proofreading of each document is performed by at least three qualified professionals – unlike many processes consisting of a single translator proof reading his or her own work. As an added quality measure, Communicaid employs proprietary software to match all numbers and formulas between an original source document and the translated target document. This proprietary in-house software unique to Communicaid was developed by distinguished informatics scientists. Communicaid thereby certifies the fidelity of numeric data and the impeccable accuracy of the written word, both

vitally important to the biomedical and pharmaceutical world.