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Dear manager,

This is cathy,from Aiflon sealing company. I am glad to take this opportunity to introduce our company for you.AIFLON Sealing Materials Co., Ltd is the best manufacturer, supplier & exporter in China.

More than 10 years experiences, specialized in manufacturing various gland packings, metallic gaskets, non-metallic gaskets, gasket materials, and other seals. The company has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001, with good credit standing.

Our main products:
Gland packing:
Expanded graphite packing, graphite packing with corrosion inhibitor, graphite packing reinforced with nickel wire, graphite packing with PTFE impregnation, die-formed graphite ring, graphite ring with corrosion inhibitor, carbon fiber packing, carbonized fiber packing, carbonized fiber packing reinforced with nickel wire, aramid fiber packing, white PTFE packing with aramid corners, white PTFE & aramid in zebra braided packing, pure PTFE packing(with oil), sintered PTFE packing, graphited PTFE packing, sintered grapihted PTFE packing, ramie fiber packing, ramie packing with graphite & oil impregnation, cotton fiber packing, asbestos packing, fiberglass packing, ceramic packing. They are used in the pumps and valves.

Seal Gaskets:
spiral wound gasket, metal jacketed gasket, double jacketed gasket, metal eyeleted flat gasket, graphite gasket, asbestos gasket, ring joint gasket, cylinder gasket, PTFE envelope gasket, corrugated metal gasket, serrated gasket, PTFE gasket, non-asbestos gasket, o-ring gasket, made with the international standard.

Gasket materials:
graphite sheet, non-asbestos sheet, asbestos sheet, mica sheet, PTFE sheet, rubber sheet, asbestos-rubber sheet, oil-resisting asbestos-rubber sheet, ceramic fiber sheet, expanded graphite sheet/roll, graphite sheet reinforced with smooth metal(SS304&SS316), graphite sheet reinforced with tanged SS316.
Tools & machines: packing tools, small/middle winding machines for SWG, large winding machine, steel strip splitter.
AFO sealing co., ltd is a crystallization of Chinese sealing, owns three manufacturers, specialized manufacturing metallic gaskets, non-metallic gaskets and various fiber Packing etc.
Most of them exported to all over the world, such as Europe market, Korea, Japan, Russia, Mexico and South American etc.

if you have any inqury of our products,feel free to contact with me.
Best wishes,
Cathy hu /AIFLON
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