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Chengdu Jialiang Chem. Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and

technical service of APIs and intermediates.Currently advantageous products: Rocuronium

Bromide Palonosetron Hydrochloride Zofenopril Dolasetron Mesylate Pancuronium Bromide

Vecuronium Bromide,Paclitaxel Docetaxel Darifenacin hydrobromide Solifenacin Succinate

Our company is equipped with a strong R&D team of excellent technique, which can perfectly

control both quality and cost and whose many employees are holding at least a bachelor

degree. The team is now working on researching, developing and producing different-scale

final and intermediated products under contract or off-the-shelf basis.

As the cooperating partner with you are entitled to enjoy the custom manufacture, the

process of R&D and good service by the lowest costs in the chemical pharmaceutical areas.

Our cooperation can be ensured by the good reputation, fine quality and perfect service of

Jialiang chem Co.,Ltd.

Dedicated in raw maerial of pharmaceutical industry,we also co-operated with other

facotry.You get more products information throught our co-platfrom .One email,all request

from you.Main payment is not L/C,TT,but it is paypal, you get much saftety.

With the principle of our success is our only concern? Chengdu Jialiang Chem. Co., Ltd is

striving to offer you the qualified products and the excellent services wholeheartedly. We

are looking forward to setting up cooperation in wide-ranging field, and wish to be your

best partner in China.

Our core values


Integrity at the highest level, the quite important core value of our company, is deeply

embedded and reinforced on the daily operation of our business.


We believe and insist quality is all for product. Only qualified product can be sent to

customer. Our rigorous quality system has done a good job and will be continuously


Advanced Technique and Permanent Innovation

We pride ourselves in advanced technique in China. We have a good cooperation with East

China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry,

Sichuan University,Lanzhou University, Peking University etc, which stand for the top

chemical scientists in China. Also, we have our labs with Sichuan University specialized in

novel chemicals, contract research, and service for commercial run.
In addition to quality and integrity, we make technique and innovation one of our top

priorities. It’s a momentum for a business to keep competitive.

Customer Focused

We are responsively attentive to the customers’ requirements. They are the power for our

company developing. Our product is diversified and we do well in chemical searching and

customization work. Through multiple channels for listening and learning, we maintain a

close relationship with our customers and better offer products and services that fit

customer needs. We are dedicated to making sure we stay focused on the customer and strive

to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products and services.

Safety Payment

We are accepting Paypal,e-gold,ect cyber bank as payment.There is only company accpeting

cyber bank as main payment in worldwide.It can save more time.You can rate us by paypal

credit system.It is totally safety for your company and us.

Products list form jialiangpharm
Main Product
Darifenacin hydrobromide,133099-07-7,Docetaxel,114977-28-5,Dolasetron Mesylate,115956-13-3,Palonosetron Hydrochloride,135729-62-3,Paclitaxel,33069-62-4,Pancuronium Bromide,15500-66-0,Rocuronium Bromide,119302-91-9,Solifenacin Succinate,242478-38-2
,Vecuronium Bromide,50700-72-6,Zofenopril Calcium,81938-43-4

Trade products
2-Methyltetrahydrofuran,96-47-9,1,3-Propanedamine,109-76-2,1,4-Cylohexanedicaroxylic acid,1076-97-7,Aciclovir,59277-89-3,Alfacalcidol,DCC(N,N’-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide),538-75-0,Diethyl(hydroxymethyl)phosphonate,3084-40-0,Diethyl (tosyloxy)methylphosphonate,31618-90-3,Finasteride,98319-26-7,Gabapentin,60142-96-3,Gemcitabine Hcl,122111-03-9,Granisetron Hydrochloride,107007-99-8,Glucono delta-lactone,90-80-2,Gabexate Mesylate,56974-61-9,Gatifloxacin,112811-59-3,Hydroxyurea 127-07-1,Irinotecan,97682-44-5,Isophosphamide,3778-73-2,Letrozole,112809-51-5,Lisinopril,83915-83-7,Loratadine,79794-75-5,Megestrol Acetate,595-33-5,Methy lsuccinyl chloride,NN-Dieyclohexthiourea,1212-29-9,Oxaprozin,21256-18-8,Phosphonic acid ,13598-36-2,Povidoneiodine,25655-41-8,Popranolol Hcl,Puerarin,3681-99-0,Regadenoson,R&D,Sertraline Hydrochloride,79559-97-0
Tegafur,17902-23-7,Thioctic acid,62-46-4,Tilmicosin phosphate,137330-13-3,Topotecan hydrochloride,119413-54-6,Triclosan,3380-34-5,Zoledronate,118072-93-8

We can offer assay of API depend on your request.Almost of them are not less than 98 %.Need assay of API more than 98 %, we can offer it .Urgent bulk order should be charge more.You can get more safe businese with our company,we can acept paypal.We are only one company in worldwide which accpet paypal as main payment.MSDS of main Product can be get in our website.Plz use google bar, then find it online.
Regadenoson is our R&D products,we just offer sample to test only. Not bulk order .