Cardiff Chemicals

10 Willowbrook Technical Units, St Mellons, Cardif
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 29 20 779612
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Our product line includes Pheromones, Natural insecticides (NEEM, AZADIRACHTIN and others), intermediates for pharmaceutical companies, bulk and semi-bulk products. The company has developed technology for various products over the last eight years and is looking for companies who are able to produce these bulk and semi-bulk quantities. We also produc rare intermediates and custom synthesis in most of the organic molecules .New to the range are Carbohydrates, Alkanes, Alkynes, Alkenes, Aldehydes, Esters, Ketones, Quinolines, Isoquinolines, Quinaldines, Quinoxalines, Pyrrazoles, Pyrroles, Adamantane, Steroids, Terpenes, Imidazoles, Pyrroles, Purines, Amino acids, Amines,Azides, Nitriles, Amides, Enamines, Nitro compounds, Sulphonic acids, Sulphinic acids, Organometallic compounds and other related fine, quality and rare chemicals.We have supplied the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and flavors and fragrances industries for over a decade.