BugLab LLC

310 Freitas Court
Danville, 94526
United States of America, California

Phone: 925-208-1952
Fax: 925-208-1917


BugLab LLC, formed in 2003, develops and manufactures bioanalytical instrumentation.

The BE2100 is a non-invasive, continuous biomass monitor that is specifically designed for laboratory-scale fermentation. The BE2100 easily attaches to the outside of a wide array of different fermentor types — from glass cylinders to stainless steel vessels with glass viewing ports. Using an array of infrared lasers and detectors, the BE2100 reads biomass over an ultra-wide linear range. Collecting this data in real-time is a snap with BE2100 software.

BugLab also develops custom bio-analytical instrumentation with areas particular expertise in optical sensing methods including diffuse reflectance, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy.