Biozym Scientific GmbH

Steinbrinksweg 27
Hess.Oldendorf, 31840, Germany

Phone: 49-5152-902-0
Fax: 49-5152-2070


Private company – GmbH – founded 2003
Leading supplier of thermal cycler, pipettors, imaging systems, gelelectrophoresis equipment, agaroses, enzymes and disposables for Molecular Biology applications.

Agaroses (Biozym(R) agaroses)

Biozym budget line(R) of disposables (i.e. SafeSeal(R)
filter tips, PCR(R) tubes and -strips, rack-systems etc.)

Epicentre(R) PCR(R) licensed DNA-/RNA modifying enzymes, reagents for DNA sequencing and cycle sequencing, various biochemicals.

Contact : Dr. Anja Roeben
phone +49-5152-902-0 or e-mail