bioZhena Corporation

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Bellvue, CO 80512
United States of America, Colorado

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bioZhena Corporation is an early-stage medical device and informatics company focusing on female reproductive health management, including conception, birth control, ovulation, screening for cancer and other conditions of the female reproductive system. bioZhena Corporation is incorporated in Colorado, USA. We seek suitable entrepreneurial participants; in particular, Medical Director, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.

The bioZhena venture involves a blend of life science and electronic, IT concepts and methodologies. To make it possible that every pregnancy is deliberate, and to impact on women’s healthcare and public health in other ways. Much in women’s health and lifestyle revolves around the menstrual cycle.

Our Fertility Awareness System™ (the home-use Ovulona™ plus the physicians’ Ovulograph™) creates a significant advance in the access to reliable physiological data. It should become the new standard in female fertility awareness and women’s health management.

Our proprietary technology uses a sensor which records, interprets (with an instant display), and stores data that chart reproductive cycles in terms of folliculogenesis (the cyclical maturation of the ovulating ova). The technology is differentiated from competition:

(i) no-one else tracks folliculogenesis in vivo;
(ii) no other self-diagnostic technology is available for birth control;
(iii) no other technology performs an automatic but unseen and worry-free screen for cervical cancer;
(iv) no other fertility monitoring technology provides electronically shareable data for the medical profession.

A strong demand exists for a safe, cost effective device that can provide reliable data – anticipating and then detecting ovulation – and address various religious and ethical concerns. Our system captures previously unobtainable information, a new standard for patient profiling.

We are well past the research stage: Our first consumer product launch is projected for month 7 after funding, and a predicate prototype has previously received the FDA 510(k) certification.

Our system is useful for:

· Routine monitoring of women’s health, and tracking hormonal effects.
· Not only predicting but also detecting ovulation for birth control and as a conception aid.
· An automatic and innocuous screening for pathologies such as cervical cancer.
· The management of PMS/PMDD, and individualization of hormone therapy (HRT).
· Enhancing accuracy of the delivery due dates (EDD).
· Gender pre-selection by timing conception with respect to ovulation.

The technology utilizes physiological indicators at the site of action (cervical tissues) rather than remote indicators such as chemical markers in the blood or, even more remote, the urine or saliva. The use is as simple as the use of a tampon.

There is also the agribusiness application of the technology, the bioPecus Corporation project (a very different market and user interface, but common technological aspects):

Demonstrated in cows and pigs, our animal husbandry technology monitors follicular waves and thus anticipates and then detects ovulation. This is much more accurate than merely tracking estrus (“heat”), as is common in the milk and meat production industry. As such, our technology should make even fetal sex pre-selection possible (by appropriate timing of insemination with respect to ovulation).


$3,000,000 BIOZHENA CORPORATION Common Stock at $3.00 per share. Minimum purchase: $250,000. Open to twelve or so investors, since a smaller investment may be agreed to initially, to get the Offering and operations going. Cash repayment via profit sharing may be offered while the investors will keep the shares. Profitability is projected for year 3 after funding. Investors’ certified checks, payable to bioZhena Corporation, to be delivered upon the investors’ completion of due diligence. This Subscription gives each investor a 1-year Warrant to purchase the same number of shares at the same price of $3.00 per share. The investor understands that the investment is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. The investor agrees that the investment is based solely on the information contained in the Private Placement Memorandum, and any additional materials that may be provided to seriously interested prospective investors.

The shares will be offered through bioZhena Corp. and Vaclav Kirsner, PhD. The Offering is exempt from registration with the federal and state regulatory authorities. This Offering has not been registered by the SEC, as it is not required to do so. The Offering will be made to twelve or so accredited investors as defined by law. THESE SECURITIES HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED OR DISAPPROVED BY THE COMMISSIONER OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, SECURITIES DIVISION OF THE GOVERNMENT NOR HAS THE SEC OR ANY OTHER SECURITIES OFFICE PASSED UPON THE ACCURACY OR ADEQUACY OF THE OFFERING MEMORANDUM.