P.O. Box 125 / Rietlistrasse 4
9422 Staad

Phone: +41 71 858 20 20
Fax: +41 71 858 20 30


Biosynth innovates, develops and produces precious reagents and biochemicals for the life science industries.

The main activities involve the manufacture of substances for the detection of enzyme activity indicative of health conditions in clinical samples; identification of bacterial infections in clinical, food and environmental samples or products for hygiene monitoring. Biosynth supplies components for immunological assays that are used in over-the-counter tests, but which can also be used in automated clinical testing. Biosynth products form part of standard assays and procedures in biochemistry, molecular biology, plant physiology, genetics and other disciplines.

Part of the business is focused on rare biochemicals such as culture media additives, biological detergents, plant growth hormones, and biochemical reagents used in standard assays.

Furthermore, Biosynth specializes in the synthesis of indole derivatives, which represent a class of molecules that are often used as molecular building blocks in the development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. To our knowledge, Biosynth offers the largest variety of indoles, in unsurpassed quality, worldwide.