bioPecus Corporation

83 Davis Ranch Road, P.O. Box 122
Bellvue, CO 80512
United States of America, Colorado

Phone: + 970-484-1272


bioPecus Corporation is an early-stage veterinary medical device and informatics company incorporated in Colorado. We seek start-up capital, and suitable entrepreneurial participants; in particular, Veterinary Medical Director, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.

Our bio-electronic vaginal sensor is the definitive solution to the problem of efficient breeding of milk and meet producing animals. This is so because we track folliculogenesis, that is the cyclical development of the ovarian follicles (containing the ova or eggs), the process that culminates in ovulation (the release of the egg, the prerequisite of fertilization).

Our proprietary product is a “smart” bio-electronic vaginal sensor, and it is a tool for managing herd reproduction more efficiently than the current practices allow. Fertility status indications provided in plain language.

The product will come in two versions. One for small herds (a hand-held probe), the other for large herd operators (vaginal inserts worn permanently by cows, telemetrically communicating with Estrograph™ computer). Demonstrated in cows and pigs, our animal husbandry technology monitors follicular waves and thus anticipates and then detects ovulation. This is much more accurate than merely tracking estrus (“heat”), as is common in the milk and meat production industries. As such, our technology should make even fetal sex pre-selection possible (by appropriate timing of insemination with respect to ovulation).

Tracking folliculogenesis in vivo is a revolutionary achievement.

bioPecus Corporation is a sister company of bioZhena Corporation, which is focused on the human use of the core sensor technology. The markets and the user interfaces are very different, even if the basic biosensor technologies are quite similar.