Bioorganics And Applied Materials Pvt . Ltd

B- 64/1, 3rd stage PIA, Peenya
Bangalore – 560058

Phone: 91-80-28364617
Fax: 91-80-28364617


BioOrganics and applied Materials ( is a Custom Synthesis & Contract Research Organization started in Bangalore with the dynamic leadership of Junjappa-Ila heteroaromatic annulation fame Professor Junjappa and his friends with industrial experience.

• The chemists at BioOrganics have vast expertise in the area of heterocyclic, organosulfur, carbohydrate and nucleotide chemistry.

• The Chemists at BioOrganics have several years of experience in the field of lead identification and lead optimization in the process of drug discovery.

• At present BioOrganics is providing Contract R&D synthesis to multinational Pharma companies.

• Currently Bioorganics are working with Biochemicals and chemicals catalogue companies in US and Europe.

• Bioorganics is also involved in the research projects from Multinational Pharmaceutical companies.

• The products are organosulfur compounds, carbohydrate intermediates, Nor-nicotine, Anacardic acid derivatives, Substrates for Biological Enzyme assays like 4-Methylumbelliferyl-a-L-iduronide (and similar glycosides), Heterocyclic libraries, nucleotide building blocks, indoles, special benzyl bromides, thiomethyl anilines.

• Bioorganics provide analytical data like NMR, MS, HPLC, TLC etc along with the products.
• Bioorganics strive hard to satisfy the customer needs with quality products while maintain confidentiality and time schedules.