BioGenes Gesellschaft für Biopolymere mbH

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12555 Berlin
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BioGenes develops polyclonal antibodies in different species (rabbit, chicken, mouse and goat), and monoclonal antibodies using hybridoma and cell culture techniques. The company also offers development of immunoassays for qualitative and quantitative determination of antigens or antibodies according to the customer’s requirements, including Host Cell Protein (HCP) ELISA for quality control purposes.
BioGenes develops custom monoclonal antibodies against different antigens like proteins, peptides, haptens, toxic molecules, or venomous proteins. BioGenes can give a guarantee for success for the development of a monoclonal antibody against proteins and peptides! The company furthermoere offers a full high-quality service in peptide synthesis. BioGenes also offers antibody production in varying scales, search of pairs (capture and detector antibodies), labelling of antibodies, modification of antibodies, long-term storage and care of clones.