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BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. is an organization comprised of donor-participants from all types of diagnostic and demographical backgrounds. The combination of our characterized donor base and worldwide collection facilities will simplify your research process. Please review some of the fundamentals of our program:

Worldwide Collection Facilities

BCW has worldwide collection facilities ready to execute your collection protocol in detail. Our facilities are either affiliates or wholly owned subsidiaries of BCW thus ensuring the quality of the collection process. Our staff includes individuals from all nationalities with one thing in common; Training. In addition to this, BCW follows specific quality control and quality assurance guidelines during the collection process (protocols are available for review) thus guaranteeing the fundamental element of the sampling process.

Participant Diversity

BCW has a database driven by a donor-participant identification system that allows you to choose specific individuals for your study and/or research project based upon you specified criteria. In addition to donor-participant diversity we allow callbacks to be performed allowing us to collect additional material if you would require.

Collection Process

BCW will work closely with your organization from project initiation through completion. Our projects are divided into 5 stages, 1-Formulation,
2-Documentation, 3-Donor-Participant Notification, 4-Training and 5-Execution. Each stage is designed to ensure compliance with all requirements during the collection process.