BioChrom Labs, Inc.

PO Box 996
Terre Haute, IN 47808
United States of America, Indiana

Phone: 812-234-2558
Fax: 812-234-2461
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BioChrom Labs produce HYDROCELL highly cross-linked rigid non-porous and macro-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene beads, analytical, preparative HPLC columns and packing materials. Products include Anion Exchange Columns (DEAE, QA 1500 & 3000), Cation Exchange Columns (CM, SP 1500 & 3000), Hydrophobic Interaction Columns (C3, C4, Phenyl 1500 & 3000), Non-porous high speed Columns (NP 10 Series), Nucleic Acid Columns (NS 1500 & NRD 2), Reversed Phase and Size Exclusion Columns.