Biocare Diagnostics Ltd.

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Biocare is founded by professional scientists and investors in 1997, first named TDL. and changed the company name after we bought Lion immunoassay technology part in May 2007.

Biocare Diagnostics Ltd is a in vitro diagnostics reagents manufacturer including lateral flow rapid tests that based on immunochromatographic principle, immunoassays kits, cell and microbiological stains. We also supply part raw materials like monoclonal antibody and recombinant antigen, horseradish peroxidase conjugate stabilizer diluent, sample pad, conjugate pad, plastic backing, absorbent pad and so on for ELISA and lateral flow tests that made by us.

Our scientists work for over 5 years, and developed a new patented lateral flow technology, it can improve the sensitivity and specificity, and make the tests have clear background, longer shelf life and lower Turn Around Time than traditional technology, it also save raw materials, that make us can provide quality products at good price. Our production system is REEL TO REEL for lateral flow tests, this can have a better products quality and efficient products speed and low costs.

We supply the following uncut sheet, like HCG Pregnancy Test Strip, LH Ovulation Test Device, FSH Menopasue Rapid Test, Rota Stick, Rotavirus stool antigen Strip, Adenovirus Cassette, HIV Rapid Test Cassette, HCV Serum Antibody Test Card , HBsAg whole blood Rapid Test Strip and Card, HBsAb, Hemoglobin ( Fecal Occult Blood Test ), EHEC, RSV, Streptococcus A throat swab antigen test, helicobacter pylori stool antigen test, Troponin I Rapid Test, Myoglobin, fatty acid binding protein, morphine, cocaine, THC these DOA tests, PSA, CEA, AFP test cancer markers rapid tests.

Our products is easy-to-use, cost-effective, these ELISA kits and lateral flow tests including kits for infectious diseases, tumor marker, cardiac marker, fertility, drug of abuse and so on.

We supply private label products, OEM opportunity and bulk components.

Biocare also transfer technology for lateral flow tests and EIA kits production, R&D, quality control and offer consultation services.