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75312 Bad Wildbad

Phone: +49 7081 177-0
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BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is a German manufacturer of luminometers, plate readers, fluorometers, photometers, imaging systems, HPLC detectors, gamma counters and radiation protection instruments.

BERTHOLD is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics. With two new luminometers, the „Centro“ for academic and pharmaceutical research and the „CentroLIA“ for clinical diagnostics, we plan to increase our leadership.

In recent years we have expanded the development of microplate instruments which support new modern measuring methods. Our multimode reader „Mithras“ demonstrates exceptional performance in BRET technology, which is mainly used in research of G-protein coupled receptors.

In gene expression studies, reporter genes have become an invaluable tool. Using our extremely sensitive imaging instrument the „NightOWL“, the gene expression can be examined directly in living organisms and we are making a substantial contribution to the breakthrough of this technology.

50 years proven and DIN ISO 9001 certified manufacturing practice ensures the high quality of all instruments.

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES provides a world wide network of affiliates and representatives.