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BENEZECH -SIMPSON is a technical and strategic consulting operation in biotechnology and the broader socio-economic exploitation of biological science.

Our technical skills focus on vaccines, biologics, genomics, proteomics and structural biology. We have intellectual property in vaccine stabilisation and attenuation, and in biosensor development.

We are most interested to talk about supporting your business development interests. Currently working with clients in multi-variant genomic diagnostics/prognostics. Also looking at non-radiological oncology imaging. Long background in European/global biotech community. Experience in IP management from discovery to commercialisation. Scientific credentials as EMBL group leader and business credibility with start-up team of Oxford Glycosciences, BioInvent and Antisoma. Own IP in vaccinology licensed to Chiron and Sanofi Pasteur.

Bénézech – Simpson’s strategic activities cover a wide range of activities in technology transfer, new business development and start-up related activity. Our clients have been biotech companies, fund managers, big pharma companies, governments and international organisations. We monitor developments in biotechnology world-wide and although our focus is biomedical, we have also been active in defense, environmental and agricultural issues.

We operate as a think tank and target-orientated management consultancy. The think tank activity typically involves putting a group of 5-10 persons together with a clear goal, but no conditions imposed as to how that goal might be reached. We would play the role of mediator, referee and ideas broker. Having identified new ideas to reach the defined goals, it is necessary to impose the rigour of classical management practices if the desired goals are to be achieved.

Contact: Karl SIMPSON