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Innovative raw material for the
Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Cosmetics sectors

Thanks to its own European branch office (located in Italy) and its International Partners, BFCS is the first company to produce Baobab-Derived products and supply factories worldwide at the most competitive prices and quality:

• Baobab fruit pulp (EU approved) in two different kind: Native & Micronised

• Dried and micronised Baobab leaves

• Micronised endocarp of Baobab Seed, rich in Aminoacids and Fatty Acids (omega 3 & 6)

• lipoid extract (ultrasound) from the Baobab seed: a new formulation with greater antioxidant properties.

• The most effective glycolic extract (ultrasound) from the Baobab leaf and fruit pulp.

• An exclusive line of Gift products HandCrafted from Baobab Fruit for your Cosmetics & Health customers