Azide Chemical Co., Ltd.

P.O.Box 88
Anzhen Town 214105 Wuxi City Jiangsu Province

Phone: +86-510-88812578
Fax: +86-510-88782578


We are leading manufacturers of fluorinated materials,photographic chemicals
and intermediates,pharma intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients,
reagents for oligonucleotide and peptide production.

Products have included 3,4-difluorobenzaldehyde,CD-1/CD-2/CD-3/CD-4, Ferulic acid, propylthiouracil, 1H-tetrazole and 5-ethylthio-1H-tetrazole,5-Benzylmercapto-1H-tetrazole, etc.
We provide custom synthesis. Our factory is strong in developing fluorinated materials and hazardous reactions with Sodium azide. Such as 5-Phenyl-1H-tetrazole,2-(Trifluoromethyl)thioxanthen-9-one,5-Amino-1H-tetrazole,1-Hydroxyethyl-5-mercapto-1H-tetrazole.
Since 1994, we get the license to do export business directly.
Multi-purpose plant (50L-3000L) with glass-lined, stainless and Hastelloy vessels. Ancillary equipment includes centrifuges, pressure filters, drying ovens and distillation. analytical facilities which include GC, HPLC,UV and other standard test equipment.Temperature range(-20 to 200DEG C), Pressure up to 10 bar.
In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.