Azco Biotech

11387 Ocean Ridge Way
San Diego, 92130
United States of America, California
Toll free: 1-866-706-0680

Phone: 1-858-259-9528
Fax: 1-858-481-0142


Azco is a global leader in the supply of hiqh quality reagents, instruments and service for DNA/RNA synthesis and sequencing.

1. High quality DNA and RNA synthesis reagents.

2. New and Refurbished instruments for DNA/RNA synthesis

3. Reagents for sequencing applications.

4. New and Refurbished nucleic acid detection instruments, including; DNA and RNA sequencers, Real-Time PCR machines and mass spectometry.

4. And Azco offers on-site service for your sequencers and synthesizers, with service plans to meet your needs

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