Asper Biotech

Vaksali 17a
Tartu 50410

Phone: +372-7-307-295
Fax: +372-7-307-298


Asper Biotech is a genetic testing company with an established set of robust and efficient DNA tests. Asper is also a reliable partner for the scientific and commercial communities in their custom genotyping projects.

Asper’s business model is conducting research projects for the world’s science, research and development organizations. The main offerings include custom genotyping services, genotyping software, genotyping hardware – Genorama® QuattroImagerTM , and genotyping consumables.

Asper has developed its expertise in developing and validating highly customized SNP/mutation screening assays. Together with our partners, we have developed and launched a number of DNA tests like: thalassemia , Cystic Fibrosis, DNA Repair, Ashkenazi Jewish diseases, Hereditary hearing loss and eye disease related tests: ABCR , LCA, Usher syndrome, AR-RP, AD-RP, BBS, Autosomal dominant optic atrophy, Corneal dystrophy, Congenital stationary night blindness. The list of the assays will be expanded during the next years.