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As a solution provider ASINEX offers unrivalled chemistry resources, many years of experience in providing discovery chemistry services and an ever expanding range of ADMET screening options. ASINEX’s strength lies in the chemistry of small molecules, strongly supported by biology.

Compound Libraries

ASINEX’s skill in library design derives from its experience as a service provider principally of hit to lead and lead optimization chemistry. In the last few years we have been creating libraries designed to tackle notorious HTS bottlenecks such as novelty, diversity, solubility, lead-likeness and chemical flexibility.

Historical – 400,000 compounds
Synergy, LeadGen – 35,000 compounds (10,000+ pharmacophores)
High Value – 50,000 compounds (850 in-house templates)

Targeted Libraries – Kinase, GPCR, Protease, Ion Channel
Chemistry Services
To date ASINEX has completed more than 400 chemistry projects for 50 customers worldwide.

Lead Optimization

Custom Synthesis

Exclusive Library Synthesis

High Throughput Chemistry and Purification

Biological Services: ADMET and DMPK Studies