Argint International Clinical Research & Development Services

22 Boloni Gyorgy

Phone: +36 70 320 2870
Fax: +36 1 274 0213


Argint International is a regional CRO based in Central Eastern Europe providing clinical research and regulatory services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Argint International is currently conducting clinical trials on behalf of sponsor companies in the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia & Slovenia.

Argint personnel have worked in the following therapeutic areas:

Anti-Infectives (HIV, skin + skin structure, intra-abdominal, pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsilitis)
Cardiovascular (angina, hypertension, post-acute coronary syndrome, acute MI, PAD)
CNS/Neurology (schizophrenia, depression, OCD, epilepsy, MS, Alzheimers, sleep disorders)
Dermatology (psoriasis)
Endocrine (diabetes, hyperlipidaemia)
Gastrointestinal (UC, Crohn’s, IBS)
Haematology (DVT, anaemia)
Musculo-Skeletal (RA)
Neurology (MS)
Neurosurgery (aSAH)
Oncology (PCa, RCC, SCLC, NSCLC, breast Ca)
Opthamology (DME, AMD)
Respiratory (asthma, COPD)
Transplant (graft versus host disease)
Traumatology (acute TSF)
Urology (PCa, RCC)
Almost all the studies outlined above were performed under an IND.