Imm. Les Tertiales / 4 rue Niepce
Compiegne, 60200

Phone: 33 (3) 44 23 19 21
Fax: 33 (3) 44 86 55 58


For more than ten years, AmpliTech is dedicated to the importation and distribution of innovative products, software, and instruments for in vitro diagnostics and research labs in cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and molecular pathology within France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
AmpliTech is registered and validated by the AFSSAPS for the distribution of products and instruments labelled for in vitro diagnostics purposes : Euroclone cell culture media and automates, Cytocell FISH probes, BlueGnome clinical ArrayCGH CytoChip & BlueFuse, Cybergene QF-PCR ChromoQuant PN kits, ViennaLab StripAssay kits.