AmplexDiagnostics GmbH

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D-83555 Gars-Bahnhof

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AmplexDiagnostics GmbH is a privately held company for the development and production of In Vitro Diagnostics. Our aim is the improvement of the diagnostic potential of the PCR-technology by implementing the main advantages of this technology – speed, specificity and sensitivity into the common diagnosis of bacterial infections. Although a young company – founded in 2002 – AmplexDiagnostics GmbH developed its first products (hyplex StaphyloResist and hyplex BloodScreen) and entered the market in 2003. Additional systems (hyplex STD ID for detection of sexually transmitted mycoplasms; hyplex STD Chlamydia for detection of C. trachomatis; hyplex EHEC for detection of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli and hyplex EnteroResist for characterisation of VRE) followed in 2006/2007. Additionally, we developed the first PCR-systems (hyplex ESBL ID and hyplex MBL ID) for the direct detection of ESBL / MBL producing bacteria direct from patient material like blood or tracheal secretion.
Our platform combines the Multiplex-PCR-knowledge with the ELISA-technology, therefore it is possible to use the existing laboratory automation for proceeding our tests resulting in cost efficiency for customers. The core competence of AmplexDiagnostics GmbH is the diagnosis of human, especially nosocomial infections by bacteria and viruses, but our technology platform can also be used as a powerful tool for all kind of DNA-analysis.
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