AlphaScience GmbH

Kammerhofweg 12k
D-64560 Riedstadt

Phone: +49 (0) 6158 975 569
Fax: +49 (0) 6158 975 576


AlphaScience GmbH supply medical and research laboratories with an extensive product list and maintain a large part of these new or already established parameters as a “life-science pool” for our customers .
The broad line of test kits are used in the clinical laboratory and point-of-care segments to detect disorders and diseases by using different methods and instruments.
A new product line for clinical chemistry analyzers will be available soon.
Additionally we want to add products to the portfolio which would be discontinued upon company mergers and acquisitions, or due to portfolio culling. These should then be offered as for good laboratory praxis still important niche products to interested parties.
Within this “life-science pool”, AlphaScience want to enable small and medium biotech manufacturers to be present in national and international markets in the future, and thus obtain or strengthen the financial basis for further R&D efforts.
Further more, AlphaScience will introduce to the portfolio new and innovative diagnostic products, obtained through national and international partnerships and demonstrating particular synergy to existing products. A regularly updated product list will be supplied to the customers. With this, we strive to maintain the highest level of product quality, variety and innovation.
AlphaScience is the one-stop contact to whom the customer can address its combined request to easily negotiate over 15 different diagnostic product lines offered and supplied by original manufacturers via the AlphaScience team.