AIPCON Biotech Co., Ltd.

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We are a manufacturer of diagnostic test products in China.

We can supply the following products:
# one step of HCG pregnancy, LH ovulation, FSH, H5N1 Bird Flu, FOB, Drugs of abuse, Urinalysis strip, NGH(Gonorrhea), TP(Syphilis), Chlamydia, HBV, HBsAg, HCV, HIV, Malaria, Troponin I, FABP, Urinalysis Strip, Blood Glucose Strip, H Pylori, TB, AFP, CEA, PSA, RF, Alcohol Saliva, Strep A.

# Elisa test kits: HAV lgG, HAV lgM, HBsAg, HBsAb, HBeAg, HBeAb, HBcAb, HBcAb lgM, HCV, Syphilis, HIV 1/2, Bird Flu.

# Medical equipment: Photometer(Clinical Chemsitry Analyzer), Elisa reader and washer.

We can supply products with OEM package, print your own brand name or our brand name on each single pouch.

We supply products with high quality and competitive price. Welcome distributor or importer to contact us and set up friendly relationship with each other.