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Across Barriers GmbH provides its customers services and consulting in the fields of preclinical and pharmaceutical technological development. These services comprise screening and selection of candidates in an early stage as well as the determination of physico-chemical properties and a characterization of ADMET parameters. The latter is achieved using in vitro models developed and validated by Across Barriers. The absorption on oral, dermal, pulmonary, cervical and buccal models can be investigated to test the feasibility of bioavailability and bioequivalence. In particular IVIVC and the knowledge about mechanisms, such as active transport systems (e.g. P-gp, MDR, BCRP, PEPT1, PEPT2) represents a rational base for the development of formulations. With its large experience is Across Barriers a competent partner not only in the fields of screening and pre-formulation, but also concerning questions of re-formulation to improve product properties during line extension or in the field of the development of generics.Across Barriers’ analytical department was established as an ideal supplement to the in vitro technology offered by the company. Beside stability testing of formulations and chemicals, and the determination of other substance properties the portofolio includes the development and validation of separation methods for liquid chromatography. Especially customers from the pharmaceutical industry will find all kinds of studies necessary to apply for a biowaiver according to the FDA’s biopharmaceutical classification system (BCS-system). Across Barriers is certified in three GLP categories as well as for GMP. Therefore, every project is performed under the common quality guidances but can also be conducted as a GLP or GMP study which is highly accepted at national and international regulatories.In combination with its well educated and motivated staff and the superb equipped facilities, Across Barriers offers an over all service for its customers. Thus these customers are capable to pursue a more efficient path to make drug development and profiling timesaving at optimal costs. The compendious conclusion is equivalent to Across Barriers’ vision: Intelligent drug profiling.