ABT Innovia – AquaBioTech Group

KBIC Facility, Kordin Industrial Estate

Phone: +356 2398 0140 – 3
Fax: +356 2167 6649


The AquaBioTech Group consists of two companies AquaBioTech Limited and ABT Innovia Limited. Both companies are actively involved in international consulting and research & development projects respectively, relating to aquatic and environmental disciplines.

The AquaBioTech Group is totally independent and entirely staff owned enjoying an international client base with over 99% of work originating from outside of Malta. The Group retains 23 full and part time personnel recruited from across the globe, all of who are considered as leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

The Group’s skills and services are very strong in the field of international aquaculture (freshwater and marine) for both fish and shrimp projects and from hatchery to on-growing projects (terrestrial and marine cages).

The Group has also contributed towards the development of the industry as a whole at many levels from basic research into technologies, feeds and pharmaceuticals, through to market research, market intelligence, due-diligence studies and efficiency management.

Aquatic Nutrition research / studies
The fish nutrition facility undertakes investigative research on new products, be they new formulations or specialised novel ingredients providing new approaches to improving fish growth and quality, reducing environmental impacts or improving fish health.

Hatchery production techniques
The research facility hosts a fully operational hatchery unit using the very latest technology constantly working towards developing new techniques for improving hatchery production / efficiency and knowledge of new species production in both commercial and ornamental aquaculture.

Veterinarian research
The veterinarian unit is geared towards undertaking various aspects of applied research into vaccine development, safety testing, efficacy and challenge trials as well as research on viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases in aquatic animals.

Aquatic technologies
This unit is focused on the design, development and applied testing of technologies that can be utilised in aquaculture and marine sciences. The company is presently engaged in various projects including the development of innovative culture techniques using simple, cost-effective technologies. The unit also works to combine existing technologies and offer them as complete working solutions.

Biomedical / Nutraceutical research – bioprospecting
Research into various applications of aquatic based products for use in nutrition / nutraceutical applications as well as human & veterinarian medicines is continuously undertaken as the resources of the sea continue to yield many new products. This research is also taking into account the use of by-products / waste products that can receive high-end processing and/or extracting so as to recover potentially valuable components.

In terms of infrastructure, the company has a wet research / development facility totally some 6000 sq ft at the Kordin Facility and an additional 3500sq ft for administration.