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We offer dried plants for research And production: Pharmacy*Biotechnology* Food production*Food supplement* Tea production*homeopathy* Flavouring aromatics*perfume* Cosmetics*plants for the production of Natural colours*Plants with insecticidal Properties*Animal food And more We offer a variety of more than 2000 Species: We offer exclusively a large range of plants From many parts of the world,even from geographical areas like the Sahara. .Vegetable oils and extracts. .Soil-and water samples. .Individual documentation. We have access to the knowledge of ethnic groups and tribes of different countries who have used medicinal herbs for generations. We also give information to traditional applications and healing effects. We provide top quality by co-operating with botanists and other experts in many Countries to provide identification and quality aspects . Our activities are in agreement with national and international laws.which allows the sub- stainable development of natural ressources. Let your company offer long-standing,local medicinal herbs which were unknown or for- Gotten in most industrial countries. We work on customer’s order from the discovery to the cultivation, tailored to the requirements of our customers.