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4Vision Marketing brings buyers and sellers of advanced technology services together. We do not execute these services ourselves but work with partners who are experts in their field and focussed on a limited number of specialist services.

4Vision Marketing offers specialists drug discovery and drug development services to European pharma & biotech companies.

We unite independent specialist companies all focussed on specific services needed in drug discovery & drug development.
– Early drug discovery and lead generation
– Analysis and structure determination of compounds
– Development services
– Scale up and manufacturing of compounds
– Preclinical services

Some highlights:

Early drug discovery and lead generation
Screening of libraries of micro organisms for enzymes or secondary metabolites
In silico molecular modeling, increasing the compounds chances of making it through the pipeline
Proprietary drug discovery platforms for filling a drug discovery pipeline

Analysis and structure determination
Structure determination through amino acid sequencing and DNA sequencing
Structure determination through Crystallography and/or NMR
Ligand-protein interaction studies

Development Services
Formulation services (also protein formulation) incl. Stability studies
Formulation options improving bioavailability
Vaccine development technology
Galenic development

Scale up and manufacturing
Fast scale up of your protein of interest (mammalian system; within four weeks).
Development of stable, easy scale up bio manufacturing, through bioprocess expertise.
Process development and manufacturing of viral vectors
Synthesis of synthetic compounds
Excellence in manufacture of clinical batches of biologicals and NCE’s
Separate fill & finish capabilities if required.
Reliable industrial scale manufacturing of both biologicals and NCE’s.

Preclinical services
Toxicology options for chemical and biological entities
Preclinical models, in vitro & in vivo, for specific disease indications
Animal studies on all commonly used species
Unique analysis of the underlying mechanisms of actions on a cellular level for solid tumors and renal disease

We have more elaborate information available on the services listed, we can provide you with such information upon request.