Virtua Drug

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Virtua Drug research and development company is a rapidly growing, innovative operation aimed at offering solutions for high-quality molecular modeling for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical database management and chemoinformatics. Virtua Drug integrates areas of expertise such as computer science, biology and biochemistry thus facilitating the utilization of informatics with biochemical models to interpret experimental data, develop predictive models and support
biochemistry and medicine.

Our services
 Method development in computational chemistry for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology industries and Academy.
 Molecular docking exploitable for predicting the energies and modes of the binding of ligands to proteins.
 Chemical database management: generation of a chemical database system that is tailored to specific requirements and supports individual research and drug design.
 Virtual high throughput screening: a productive and cost-effective technology involving the rapid assessment of large libraries of chemical structures in order to guide the selection of likely drug candidates.