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Own production of Cell Culture, IFA kits, Brucellacapt and ELISA kits.
VIRCELL SL was established in 1991 as a private company with three major objectives:
· To produce reagents of the highest quality.
· To maintain along the whole process a clear customer orientation that can be seen from the product concept to the after-sales service.
· To develop innovative products to reach significant advances.
Product excellence is the result of strict quality, carried out in accordance with International Standards.
At the heart of our success is our commitment to develop strong and lasting relationships with our customers. This means collaborating in an efficient and flexible way in order to help clients to get the answers and results they need, developing innovative products and carrying out quality research. This is possible because we are scientists ourselves.
One of the Vircell’s differential characteristics is the in-house production of all the necessary antigens for the development of our kits. This speciality, even though requires from us a bigger effort, allows us to work with independence from external suppliers, guaranteeing flexibility and the total quality of our kits.
We are proud that all the products of our catalogue are produced in our facilities.
Vircell dedicates its biggest efforts to the development of new products. In 2005, 20% of the total sales was invested in research and development. All the research lines of the company are aimed at the development of tests for the detection of infectious diseases. The different departments involved in this task are Molecular Biology, Immunology and Rapid Test.
Customer service is one of the basic pillars upon which our business idea is based. For this reason, we count on a department which offers technical and scientific support to our customers. The main task of this department is to solve technical problems that may appear in the daily work of the laboratories using our products. The expert team that constitutes this department is highly qualified and able to solve on line and very shortly any question related with the application of the techniques and the use of our products. Vircell also counts with a section dedicated to give courses about the Applications of Cell Culture in our local distributor’s facilities. These courses are theoretical and practical, and are completely adapted to our customers’ necessities. This fact allows our final customers to work with independence achieving the best results.
Quality in our activity sector means a responsibility: Vircell fulfills satisfactorily with it since its establishment.
At present, the quality of our products is guaranteed by the fulfillment of an exhaustive quality management system, based on a modern and global regulation, ISO 9001:2000. All the R+D, production, sales and post-sales assistance operations are audited and certified according to this regulation. However, our biggest satisfaction is without any doubt the confidence that laboratories around the world daily put in us. Also, we have the certification ISO 13485:2003.
At present, Vircell’s products in the IFA, Brucellacapt and ELISA lines are CE marked.