Vector Biolabs

3701 Market St, 4th floor
Philadelphia, 19104
United States of America, Pennsylvania
Toll free: 877-246-5227

Phone: 877-BIO-LABS
Fax: 215-525-1112


Vector Biolabs is the leading provider for custom recombinant adenovirus and adeno-associated virus (AAV) production. The company offers services for adenovirus and AAV construction, amplification, purification and titration, as well as over 400 premade, ready-to-use adenoviruses and AAV with transgenes including markers like Cre, GFP, lacZ as well as many genes for Cell Cycle Proteins , Growth Factors, Kinases and Phosphatases, Signaling Intermediates, Transcription Regulator, Tumor Suppressors/Apoptosis .