UNIZYME Laboratories A/S

Dr. Neergaardsvej 17
DK-2970 Hørsholm

Phone: +45 45 76 01 54
Fax: +45 45 76 14 07


UNIZYME laboratories develops and manufactures proteins with main focus on peptidases for use in downstream processing, peptide synthesis and drug discovery.

A major product, TAGZyme, is an enzymatic system for the efficient and accurate removal of N-terminal his-tags.

The use of TAGZyme for protein purification enables to standardize downstream processing thereby reducing significantly the number of unit operations. Additionally, it offers the possibility of going directly from identification of target into production with the same genetic design, reducing development time. Other advantages are:

1. Complete removal of N-terminal his-tags (in less than 1 h) without the risk of proteolytic degradation of the target protein due to application of exopeptidases.
2. Standard method for purification of pharmaceutical proteins which is scalable from R&D to production.
3. Very simple method, competitively priced (down to < $ 0.2 per mg processed protein). The commercial use of TAGZyme does not require licensing, just purchase of the enzyme(s) through Qiagen (see http://www1.qiagen.com/Products/Protein/Purification/TAGZymeSystem/) for research purposes or through Unizyme for commercial purposes. A TAGZyme hotline is available free-of-charge for existing users and others interested in trying the technology at http://www.unizyme.com/TAGZyme-Hotline.aspx. To date, TAGZyme has been used to successfully produce and purify more than 200 proteins and is being used for production of therapeutic proteins currently in preclinical studies. TAGZyme has been applied for recombinant protein production in E. coli, yeasts, insect cells and plants. UNIZYME has also developed an optimized his-tag (HT15) for high expression in E. coli and for efficient tag removal. This his-tag can freely be used for research and commercial purposes without patent infringment. No licensing is required. Thus, using this tag, his-tag technology can be employed in the manufacture of therapeutic proteins without patent or license issues. UNIZYME offers also contract downstream process development applying the TAGZyme technology (or standard chromatographic methods). Additionally, UNIZYME manufactures proteins on a contract basis.