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United States Biological Capabilities

Primary Company Focus: Manufacturing •United States Biological is the largest supplier of antibodies in the world. •We supply over 60,000 Antibodies, Antigens and Biochemicals

Product Mix Antibodies, Biochemicals, Agarose, Albumin, Amino Acids, Antibiotics, Enzymes, Bacterial and Yeast Media, Cell Culture Media (custom manufacturing), Molecular Biology Kits, Oligos, Restriction Enzymes.

Stringent Quality Control Testing DNase, RNase, protease, bioburden, growth performance, strain selection assays, blue-white cloning, background fluorescence, restriction enzyme digestion, endotoxin, 9CFR sterility testing, physical and chemical properties.

Broad Production Capabilities Antibiotics, Antibodies, Biochemicals, Carbohydrates, Cell Culture Media, Enzymes, Oligos, Peptides, Human & Animal Sera, Molecular Biology Kits

Quality Control and Manufacturing Guidelines IACUC, NIH, Levels 1,2 Biosafety Containment

Custom Services Antibody Production and Conjugation, Peptide Synthesis

You can rely on United States Biological to provide the greatest selection of antibodies in the world. We currently supply over 60,000 antibodies, antigens, biochemicals and biologicals and we have recently added over 10,000 new products to our website http://www.usbio.net

For most biochemicals we are using the same prices that have been in effect since 1995 and we have reduced the prices even further for hundreds of commonly ordered reagents.

United States Biological has one primary goal and that is ” reducing the cost of research! ”